Discover the origins of long socks in wool blend

The long socks in wool blend have become an indispensable element of clothing for men who want to face the coldest days with style and comfort. But do you know where this fashion comes from? The first traces of long socks date back to ancient Greece, where they were worn by athletes to protect their legs during sports competitions. Over the centuries, long socks have become a symbol of elegance and refinement, worn by nobles and aristocrats. Today, long wool socks are a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, offering comfort and style to those who wear them.

A historical anecdote concerning long socks in wool blend

A fascinating anecdote concerning long wool socks dates back to the 17th century, when the King of France Louis XIV imposed the fashion of long socks as obligatory at the court of Versailles. Legend has it that the king had a passion for long wool socks, which he wore proudly and became a symbol of power and wealth. The fashion of long socks spread rapidly throughout Europe, becoming a status symbol for aristocracy. Today, long socks in wool blend are still appreciated for their aesthetic value and the comfort they offer, paying homage to a millenary tradition.

Long socks in wool blend: the perfect combination of style and comfort

If you are looking for socks that offer you warmth, comfort and style, long socks in wool blend are the perfect choice. Made with high quality materials, these socks guarantee a feeling of softness on the skin and a perfect thermoregulation of the foot. Thanks to their length, long socks offer additional protection to the legs during cold days. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, to allow you to express your personal style. Discover our online catalogue and find the long sleeve in wool blend that suits you. Buying a quality product means investing in your comfort and elegance, so do not hesitate: discover the long socks in wool blend and give you an extra touch of style during the winter season.

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