Discover a curiosity about the fashion of pajamas man

Are you ready to discover a fascinating curiosity about the fashion of pajamas man? Did you know that men's pajamas have become popular only since the 18th century? Previously, men wore tunics or night shirts, but the idea of a pajamas as we know it today was almost unknown. It was only over time that men's pajamas began to appear as a comfortable and practical dress choice for the night. Today, men's pyjamas are available in a variety of styles and materials, including cotton cardigan, which offers exceptional comfort and a refined style.

A historical anecdote on the fashion of the pajamas man

Although men's pyjamas have a relatively recent history, there is a fascinating historical anecdote that is worth mentioning. In 1870, Prince Edward VII was photographed wearing a pajamas during a visit to the United States. This choice of clothing at the time was considered revolutionary and helped spread the trend of men's pyjamas around the world. Since then, men's pyjamas have become an essential element of the male wardrobe, appreciated for their comfort and timeless style.

Explore our catalog of men's pyjamas and enjoy the comfort of cotton

Welcome to our online catalog of pajamas men, where you can find a wide selection of styles and models to meet your night comfort needs. Among these, you will find the cotton cardigan pajamas, an ideal choice for those looking for a quiet sleep and an elegant look. Made with high quality materials, the cardigan pyjamas in cotton offers a soft feeling on the skin and allows the skin to breathe during the night. Whether you're a cotton lover for its freshness or simply want a versatile pajamas that fits all seasons, our catalog is ready to meet your needs. Choose comfort and style with our cotton cardigan pajamas and discover the pleasure of sleeping well every night.


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