Socks: a world of curiosity

The socks, a fundamental element of our wardrobe, hides many interesting curiosities. One of the most fascinating details is the origin of the first socks. It is said that the first stockings were worn by the ancient Romans, but unlike our modern stockings, they were made entirely of animal skin. These primitive socks had the main purpose of protecting the feet from weather and abrasions, but over time they became a true symbol of style and fashion.

A dip in the history of socks

To fully understand the importance of socks over the centuries, it is interesting to take a dip in history. In the Middle Ages, for example, socks were considered a symbol of social status. Only wealthy people could afford socks made of precious materials such as silk or velvet, while ordinary people wore wool or cotton socks. During the Renaissance, the stockings became even more important, so that they were often embroidered by hand with gold or silver threads. Today, socks have become an indispensable element of our daily outfit, but we cannot forget their story full of meaning and symbolism.

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