The hidden story of an indispensable accessory

When we think of a bra, we often focus only on its practical support and support function. However, this product category has a fascinating history that often remains unknown. The first ancestors of the bras date back to ancient Greece, where women used cloth bands to support the breast during physical activity. It is only over the centuries that the bra has assumed the shape and structure we know today, with the introduction of materials such as nylon and the development of more sophisticated sewing techniques.

An iconic image over time

The bra has become a fashion icon over time, with styles and design that have evolved to adapt to the trends and needs of women. In the 1950s, for example, the balcony bra became popular, with its half cup support enhancing decolleté. In the 1990s, however, the push-up bra was introduced, which gave women the opportunity to create a greater volume effect. Today, bras appear in a variety of styles, cuts and colors, offering women many options to express their personality and feel confident.

Discover your new feeling of comfort and style

If you are looking for a bra that offers you comfort, support and style, you are in the right place. Our online catalog offers a wide selection of removable bras, which are ideal for a natural and seamless look. Thanks to their padding-free structure, these bras fit perfectly to your body, offering optimal support without adding volume. Their lightness and breathability make them perfect for everyday use, allowing you to move freely and feel comfortable all day long.

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