The history of short sleeved man sports poles

The short sleeved man sports poles have a rich and charming history. Originally worn by polo players, these shirts have become a style icon in the fashion world. But do you know that sports poles have not always been so popular? Initially, they were considered as a simple alternative to traditional shirts, suitable for sports activities. However, in the 1970s, thanks to their elegant and casual design, sports poles have conquered the world of urban fashion, becoming an indispensable garment in every male wardrobe.

Curiosity on the sports poles man short sleeves

Are you curious to discover something interesting about the short sleeved man sports poles? Did you know that the sports pole collar has origins in the world of tennis? Initially, the pole collar was designed to protect the neck of tennis players from the sun. But with the passing of time, this detail became a distinctive element of sports poles, giving them a touch of class and refinement. Today, the short sleeved man sports poles are much more than just a sports garment. They became a casual and sophisticated style symbol, perfect for every occasion.

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