The secret story of elastic bands

The elastic bands have become an essential element of the wardrobe of many women around the world. But do you know where these curious and useful creations come from? The history of elastic bands dates back to the 19th century, when they were first invented. Initially they were mainly used for medical purposes, such as support for weak muscles or to help in rehabilitation after an injury. But soon the elastic bands spread even in the fashion field, thanks to their ability to shape and support the body.

A dip in the past: the bra of the 1920s

When we think about the bra, we probably picture the modern push-up model or the comfortable sports bra. But did you ever think about how bras were in the past? In the 1920s, women began to revolutionize the concept of women's underwear. It was in this period that the first bras were introduced, often called "brasors" or "bustiers". These garments were made mainly of cotton or silk and had a simpler shape than modern bras. Despite their lack of padding or ferrets, the bras of the 1920s still offered adequate support and adapted to the fashion of the time.

Discover your new best friend

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