Science behind comfort

Although it is often underestimated, the bra is a garment that requires special care in its design. Choosing the right cup is essential to ensure maximum comfort and support. But do you know that there are different forms of bra for every type of breast? The science behind comfort is based on the analysis of the measurements and proportions of the breast, to ensure that the bra fits perfectly to the curves of your body. This allows to avoid annoying rubbing, back pain and to get a harmonious silhouette.

A dive in history

The history of the bra dates back centuries, when women sought ingenious ways to support and shape the breast. Over the centuries, materials such as whale bone, metal and wood have been used to create forms that would give support. It is only in the 20th century that the modern bra began to take shape, thanks to the invention of more comfortable materials such as cotton and the introduction of cups. Since then, the bra has become an indispensable garment for women around the world, symbol of femininity and comfort.

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