The hidden secret of bras

You know the bra was invented in 1889 by a woman named Herminie Cadolle? Initially, this female garment was called "corset-gorge" and was used primarily to support the breast. Over the years, the bra has become increasingly popular and has undergone several transformations to adapt to the needs of women. Today, the bra has become an essential fashion accessory for many women around the world, offering comfort and support throughout the day.

A dip in the history of the bra

During World War II, the bra played an important role in women's lives. With the lack of materials and resources, many women started recycling old bras to create new garments. The bra became a symbol of creativity and savings, demonstrating the ingenuity of women in a period of restrictions. This historic event marked a turning point for the bra, which began to be appreciated not only for its functionality, but also for its versatility and ability to adapt to the needs of women.

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