The magic of cotton in full bed

Cotton is one of the most popular and used fabrics in the world of bedding and full bed. But did you know that cotton was first used in India over 5000 years ago? Yes, you read well! The ancient Indians were the first to appreciate the extraordinary properties of this natural material, which helped them to stay fresh in summer and warm in winter. Since then, cotton has become the preferred choice for bed linen, thanks to its softness, breathability and resistance.

A dip in the history of the complete cotton bed

Although cotton was already widely used in India, it was the ancient Egyptians who perfected cotton fabrics and spread them all over the world. During Ancient Egypt, cotton was considered a symbol of wealth and prestige, and pharaohs and nobles dressed in fine cotton. The precious cotton fibers were also used to create beautiful full bed, which adorned the rooms of the most influential people of the time. Today, the tradition of using cotton for continuous bedding, with a wide range of complete cotton bed available for all tastes and needs.

Explore our online catalogue and discover the comfort of complete cotton bed

If you are looking for a full cotton bed for your bed in a square and a half, you are in the right place! In our online catalog you will find a selection of complete bed made with the best cotton fabrics, to ensure a superior quality and a feeling of unparalleled comfort during sleep. Our complete cotton bed are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles, to suit every taste and fit perfectly to your decor. By choosing one of our complete cotton bed, you can enjoy peaceful and restful nights, pampered by the softness and freshness of this wonderful fabric. Discover the pleasure of sleeping on a full cotton bed and buy your favorite today!


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